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The AS “active solar”  Envirosun Solar Hot Water Heaters are also known as the split solar hot water system, they offer greater flexibility, improved aesthetics for your home and a larger hot water storage tank capacity

These solar hot water systems only require the solar panels to be installed on the roof with the hot water storage tank located at ground level or any other convenient location throughout the home.  Envirosun AS solar hot water system are relatively simple in operation – when the solar hot water panels (also known as solar collectors) are able to add heat into the storage tank, a small pump is switched on to circulate hot-water from the collectors and replace it with cool water from the tank. 

 The circulation pumps are relatively small and silent, they also draw a negligible amount of power (less than 28 watts) that is also only used when operating or needing solar to increase the hot water storage cylinder’s temperature.   

When the collectors are 6°C hotter than the water in the storage tank, the circulating pump is operated. When the differential falls to 4°C or lower, the pump is not operated. The microprocessor also uses the sensor information to control a suite of over-temperature protection modes:

  • if the water in the Envirosun storage tank reaches 70°C, the solar pump is not operated

  • if the solar collector panels temperature reaches 190°C, the pump is cycled on to control the temperature to below 185°C therefore protecting the solar panels

  • if the solar panels temperature reaches 200°C the pump is not operated to prevent damage

  • if the tank temperature has risen above 70°C and the collectors are cooler the pump is run intermittently to protect the storage tank from damage and overheating 

The Envirosun AS smart control system is absolute state of the art with a LED screen to tell you exactly whats going on inside our weatherproof cover 

Envirosun AS solar hot water systems have a size to suit most homes

Envirosun hot water heaters


Envirosun solar hot water systems are made of the world most advanced solar products


The Envirosun AS Storage Cylinder

250 litre - 315 litre - 400 litre

Durable pressure vessels

Our storage cylinders are built to last

Envirosun AS solar hot water tanks are Australian Made from high-strength materials especially suited to operating in high-temperature, high-pressure applications which can otherwise be very corrosive. Vitreous enamel lined cylinder and anode protection to provide for a long life

All Envirosun As solar hot water tanks are manufactured in Australia

Our hot water tanks stay hotter for longer

Envirosun storage cylinders are encapsulated in a pressure-injected, high-density polyurethane thermal insulation to provide a extended time of heat retention

Our storage cylinders deliver hot water faster

Our storage cylinders deliver hot water faster.  Envirosun solar hot water systems are rated to operate high water pressures that are near to that of the mains water supply. Unlike low pressure hot-water systems, you can enjoy plenty of hot-water from more than one outlet at the same time. 

Envirosun systems use this mix of optimisation and over-temperature protection functions to maximise energy savings and minimise heat stresses

Envirosun solar hot water system pumps
Envirosun solar components in a weather protected enclosure

RESOL GmbH - Solar & system controllers, Solar controller DeltaSol BS/2Salmson SOLAR SB 04-15 Solar Hot Water Pump Open Loop system






Envirosun have the absolute latest and proven  technology in the AS range of solar water heaters,  highest quality European made solar controllers, pumps and sensors are only used

Envirosun use the best solar valves from AVG
Best quality solar panels on Envirosun
Envirosun use the strongest toughened glass
Envirosun solar hot water panel

Envirosun AS split solar hot water brochure and Owner and Installation manual


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